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[FIGHT RESULTS] Phoenix Fighting Championships 8



Phoenix Fighting Championships continues its success at Lumpinee with Phoenix 8 on 22 May 2018, A 10 card line up showcasing some of the greatest Muay Thai fighters in the World!

Fight Card and Results.

1. Kongfah Tha Nai Michelle vs Addthevada Lookkboonmee    – 100lbs

2. Rak Erawan vs Saklek Kiatphetdecha  Draw    – 100lbs

3. Kularbkao Sor Kulawong vs Jongangdum Sitnumnoi    – 124lbs

4. Yassine Boughanem vs James MCSweeney    – 120kgs

5. Padsaenlek Rachanont vs Inseetong Por.Phinaphat    – 140lbs

6. Raffi Singpatong vs Phongsiri Phet Por.Tor.Aor    – 142lbs

7. Youssef Boughanem vs Talaytong Sor.Tanaphet    – 158lbs

8. Thanunchai Rajanont vs Rambo Phet Por.Tor.Aor    – 142lbs

9. Arthur Singpatong vs Tabongpetck Tor.Pornchai Di    – 131lbs

10. Superball Sityodtong vs Narak Por Prajak    – 101lbs

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