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Charlie “Boy” Peters [Q&A]




Siam Boxing.Tv have had the great pleasure in doing a short Q&A with Charlie “Boy” Peters as he prepares for what is regarded as the biggest fight in British Muay Thai History when he faces the legend Liam “The Hitman” Harrison,  Liam a Multiple-Time World Champion who has fought the best from all over the world including many of Thailands best including Saenchai.  Charlie is also a Multiple-Time World Champion and is the younger guy who is determined to be regarded as number one. Both guys are the Pinnacle of British Muay Thai and this will be a War!

We asked Charlie a number of questions leading up to his fight.



How did you get into Muay Thai?

I had to stop playing rugby at 18 due to work commitments, so i got taken to a local Thai boxing class to try it out and i fell in love with it after that.

What is a typical day in the life of Charlie Boy Peters?
A typical day is me teaching at Double K or CSA holding pads, taking classes and then training for myself twice a day even on the “off period” i train once a day sometimes 2x if i can.

Do you have a favourite fighter?
Not really 1 specific fighter, i really enjoying watching a lot of them. i love traditional Muay Thai but also enjoy watching MMA.

Who has been your toughest fight to this date?
My toughest so far would probably be Pakorn

What is your most memorable moment in your Career thus far?
Probably fighting over in america and fighting the legend Fabio Pinca.

How do you feel about the UK Muay Thai scene and how we fair with the rest of the world?
I feel as the scene is getting bigger and bigger and a lot more people are now noticing it which is great. i can only see it getting better each year.

How is your Diet and Training going?
All prep is going great. i eat very healthy all the time so right now its just a case of eating less of certain things and changing small things.
training has picked up of course and i couldn’t ask for it any better.

Whats the plan going into this fight?
Chin down hands up

This fight is regarded as one of the biggest fights in British Muay Thai History how does that make you feel?
I feel blessed to be a part of this fight and to experience it. I can’t wait!

What are your future Goals and who would you like to fight next?
Not to sure yet. i take each fight as it comes and right now this is what i have had my life set on.

Rice or Chips?
rice always, chips on a cheat meal!

We would like to wish Charlie good luck with this fight it will make history!

Siam Boxing.Tv

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Eddie “Fighting” Farrell does not need much introduction as he continues to build his name and reputation as being one of the toughest guys in Muay Thai, Eddie and his Wife Brooke have dedicated their life to the Art of the 8 limbs, however Eddie is no stranger to fighting in the Art of the 9 Limbs … Lethwei and with talks of him heading over to the UK to compete in the ever growing BKB (bare knuckle boxing scene) Eddie is sure to continue to make his name known.

Siam Boxing had the pleasure to fire a few questions to Eddie.


Hi Eddie for the people that do not know you can you tell us a little about yourself?

My Wife Brooke and I moved to Thailand to pursue full-time fighting without the struggles of a day job, it has been a hard transition but we are finally seeing success and getting bigger fights.

What is your most Memorable Fight?

My most memorable fight so far has been the fight with Toby Smith, he is a fighter i have really looked up to and i am a fan of his fighting style. I hope to get that rematch one day!

Since you have competed in both Muay Thai and Lethwei how do you feel the skill level compares?                                                                             

The Skill level in Muay Thai is much much higher than Lethwei but the brute force and damage caused as well as the heart needed in Lethwei evens the playing field and this is where a lot of the technical Muay Thai fighters struggle with handling that type of damage.

If you could fight anyone who would you like to fight and how do you see the fight going?

I am aiming for another Lethwei fight and i am all for challenge of fighting the champ i want to make 2019 a great year and collect some belts, there are not any opponents left so i will go for the champ… my former gym partner Dave Leduc!

Lethwei World Champion Dave Leduc

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